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USS Arizona MemorialThis part of our Chapel is dedicated to the military men and women of the United States of America and their families, and to those of all nations who stand with us in the Global War against Islamofacism.

If you are called to this service, your duty is to fight, kill, and, if need be, to die for the rest of us, or to support with your untiring effort those who do. Your work is hallowed in so far as the cause for which you fight is just, and in so far as you use no more force than necessary to subdue our enemies. You serve well if you fight not to destroy what you hate, but to defend what you love.

Let us here acknowledge that those who espouse pacifism do so with the expectation of living full lives only because you protect them with your willingness to make war. May great and grateful nations welcome you home, or if your fate is beyond this world, may they always remember you.

May the rest of us take care not to squander the peace that you now buy with your courage and hard work. And may the words you find here be a comfort and inspiration to you and your family.

More than in previous conflicts, success depends on intelligence, counter-intelligence and special forces operatives. These are men and women of experience, skill, valor, and maturity. Because their lives depend upon secrecy, their families bear a special burden of uncertainty. May God fill the hearts of these special people with courage, and give their families the strength to endure the silence.

We assume that terrorists may move among us in our homelands. May God protect us, and give us courage if we are called to be the last line of defense for our friends, neighbors and loved ones. May God be with our leaders, our law enforcement and emergency response personnel, and all people of good will everywhere.

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We'll go forward from this Moment
Text by Leonard Pitts, Jr. for the Miami Herald
We are Coming

For you returnees, welcome home and thank you for serving!

God Bless America
Photo by Bruce Neufeld 9/12/2001

There are two "hua's" in "Chihuahua!"

Scooper took our photo of the flag flying over the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor in 2004.

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