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Blind Chihuahua
Military Chapel

More to religion
than pleasing
your imaginary friend

Epaulettes of Farragut,
Powder-horn of Boone,
Hawaii's fateful morning,
Shiloh's fearful moon.

Be with us as we embark.

Bayonets in Belleau Wood,
Song of Marion's Men,
Fox-holes in the Phillippines,
Wake's grim garrison.

Be an example unto us.

Lincoln's face, its sadness:
"That from these honored dead
We take increased devotion ..."
Other things he said.

Support us in the battle.

Stars above our cornfields,
Morning-colored wind,
Snow, and wood-fires burning
On hearths we leave behind.

Shine for us dear beacons.

God of the hidden purpose,
Let our embarking be
The prayer of proud men asking
Not to be safe, but free.

I can have both freedom and safety — if someone else fights while I hide.

A.E.F. = Allied Expeditionary Force. Robinson was an American novelist.