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Blind Chihuahua

More to religion
than pleasing
your imaginary friend

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord!
We Crucifiers meet each Sunday to lie about Jesus.
The sermon slides off our collective self-image into the cup
to be consumed with the body and blood of our Victim,
and so to pass through, changed by us, not us by them.
Greetings to you in the name of the Lord!

The Peace of the Lord to you!
A smile, a handshake, a Judas kiss.
Pieces of silver collected for service to our Values —
nothing special, just nothing different —
we come to be comfortable, above all.
The Peace of the Lord to you!

Visitors Welcome. Join us soon.

Oooo. This is one sick puppy.

This piece is not meant to be funny. It was my reaction to an actual experience I had in a church. I do not look down on the people in that church. Rather, I accuse them of sharing our common humanity, which is this: No one rescued Christ from the cross. No one said, "If you are going to kill him, you must kill me first." Instead, Peter, the Rock on whom the Church was founded, denied even knowing Jesus. Thus, everyone involved was contributing to the Crucifixion, either actively (few) or passively (many). Humanity is unchanged to this day. The human condition of Original Sin is such that, had any of us been at the Crucifixion, we would have done no better than the people who were actually there. In other words, whoever wants to know who killed Christ can find the answer in a mirror. That is why we need him to be our Redeemer. Congregations and individuals who refuse to accept such a picture of themselves are in danger of allowing themselves to harm others (spiritually or physically) in a thoughtless manner. I've seen it done.