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More to religion
than pleasing
your imaginary friend

The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua regrets to inform you that, since we can't please everyone, we choose to displease you. Out of respect for you and your community of believers, we suggest that you will be happier if you ignore us, pass over us, purge us from your browser's bookmarks, and remember us no more. If you continue to browse here, you alone must bear responsibility for what your mind may make of our material.

Here is a list of sites where you may find affirmation of what you already believe, rather than a challenge to it. Choose a link from the brand of Fundamentalism that best suits you.

Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace. Chassidic Judaism for the web savy.
Phil Johnson's Links. He thinks our theology is really bad. See also Cyberchurch!
Islam, the Living Religion. A Shi'i web site.
The Secular Web. Not all Fundamentalist, but you can find some stuff.
American Leftist
Move On. Also good for Eco-Fundamentalists.
Sorry, we can't cover all cases. Try searching Google or Yahoo.

Farewell, and may the light of truth and compassion go with you.

Arf! I bark in your general direction!

If you continue to explore VCBC after our Fundamentalist Self-Exam has taken you to this page, we warn you that your deity and your faith community may disapprove.