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Rich Daniel Rich Daniel, 43, resident of Dayton Ohio, also known as VCBC's Skeptic in Residence, went missing since about 6:00 am, Monday, 31 July 2000. He left a suicide note. His body was found on 11 March 2001, in the woods.

Rich, a former Christian Fundamentalist, was interested in atheism, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive and neural science, computers, and Psion PDAs. He was civilian employee of Wright Patterson AFB, and a former student a Wright State University. He indulged his humorous side as Grand High Lama of the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

I remember him here with his greatest friend, M. Scott Collins, who was killed by a reckless driver in 1994 at the age of 39. It was my great privilege to have known them both from our youth. I pray for the wives and families of these great men. May God give rest to their souls.

— Scooper


Rich seemed determined to prevent those closest to him from helping him avoid suicide. He struggled with OCD and depression for many years.