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Blind Chihuahua

More to religion
than pleasing
your imaginary friend

All characteristics are no-characteristics.
Meditation is the realization of the imperturbability of Mind.
Non-attachment, non-aversion, non-indifference toward all things.
Who hears, who sees?
When in worldly activity, keep attentive between the two breaths.
From the first not, a thing is.
The Teaching is like a raft, to be left behind when the passenger has crossed over.

Show yourself as you were before your parents were born.
To know there is no one to liberate is to liberate.
Within the burning house itself (this life), the king of Dharma (Enlightenment) is to be found.
Do not recklessly innovate without knowing the constant.
Taking no action, leave nothing undone.
We attain perfection when we find joy in our work.
In the bonds of works one is free from desires.
To die in one's duty is life - to live in another's is death.
The ruler of his soul surrenders in mind all work... he neither does selfish work nor causes others to do it.

Do not seek too much of that which is not yet obtained.
Burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace.
Emptiness is form; form is emptiness.
In Mind, there is nothing to be attained.
When thinking, let the past be dead.
Things are not as they are seen, nor are they otherwise.
The error is to see multiplicity.
The mind is as a reflected image originating in the beginningless past.
As a sword cannot cut itself, the mind cannot see itself.
Ordinary mind is the Way.
There is no truth in any object imagined.
No greed there is, no anger, no folly, and no ego.
From desire start the skandhas, which resemble a dream.

He is deluded who would learn these things merely to preserve himself. No one can preserve his life forever.
The way that can be spoken of is not the way.
Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat all creatures as straw dogs.
Posture and breathing are the key to concentration.
Abiding nowhere, let the mind work.
The occurrence of an evil thought is a malady; discontinuing it is the remedy.
Between good and evil, how great is the distance?
Whoever lays hold of it will lose it.
A creature in its prime harming the weak goes against the way.
High rank is, like one's body, a source of great trouble.
Exhibit the unadorned, embrace the uncarved block.
Have little thought of self and as few desires as possible.

No killing.
No stealing.
No abuse of sex.
No lying.
No dealing in drugs.
No speaking of faults of others.
No praising oneself while abusing others.
No stinginess.
No anger.
No slandering the treasures.

Know how much to take of what you already have.
Dwell alone in a quiet place.
Exert meticulous effort.
Remember right thought.
Practice samadhi.
Arouse wisdom by hearing, reflecting, practicing, and realizing.
Avoid idle talk.
Old pond, frog jumps in, the sound of water.

One who knows does not speak; one who speaks does not know.
A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.

One who excels in traveling leaves no wheel tracks.
One who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable.
One who excels in fighting is never aroused in anger.
One who excels in defeating his enemy does not join issue.
One who excels in employing others humbles himself before them.

Seeking your true mind is like searching for fire with a lighted lantern.
Ego is the seed of birth and death.
Teach only when asked, only what is asked, only from your direct experience.
With big mind one enters into associations, but not cliques; with small mind one enters into cliques but not associations.
Abiding nowhere, let the mind work.

Pay no attention to this untutored Westerner!

Collected from various sources by F.A.H. in a previous lifetime. Minor additions by Scooper.